Spring Born’s Inaugural Planting Has Begun

— Spring Born, an organic hydroponic farm, kicked off production inside their Silt, Colorado facility.  Their first harvest will be donated entirely to a local food bank, The Food Bank of the Rockies.

“We are testing around 50 varieties to ensure that we bring the highest quality and most unique flavors to the market,” says Josh Budka, head grower. “We are excited to work with our customers to determine the best varieties to fit their needs.”

Spring Born’s conveniently packaged leafy greens and salad blends are sustainably grown using less land, water, and emissions than outdoor farming. The 2.5-acre greenhouse will produce up to 10,000 packages per day, 360 days a year, utilizing a state-of-the-art, hands-free, automated production.

“Everyone deserves fresh, healthy food. I’m proud to be a long-term partner to our communities’ food banks,” says Charles Barr, president. “Our neighbors are very supportive of the business, and it’s Spring Born’s responsibility to support our neighbors.”

Spring Born’s donations will continue well beyond the first harvest. With an average cycle of 21 days, the company will give a percentage of each planting to various food banks in the Denver, CO, area. Learn more about Spring Born at www.springborn.us or by emailing info@springborn.us

About Spring Born, Inc.

Spring Born hydroponically grows fresh, healthy, quality leafy greens and salad blends in Silt, Colorado. Our indoor climate-controlled production is known for its commitment and sustainable practices that impact our local and surrounding communities. Locally grown and distributed, Spring Born greens are available to customers year-round. Spring Born combines innovative technologies with hardworking, dedicated individuals to cultivate a better eating experience for consumers.