Start-up Bower Works with World’s Largest Marketer of Kiwifruit, Zespri for Trial

Los Angeles, USA – Bower, the Stockholm-based recycling start-up, is working with kiwifruit marketer Zespri™ to reward consumers across the US for their positive recycling behavior. 

Working with major organizations such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and P&G, Bower rewards users of the Bower App with points that can be exchanged for rewards when they recycle everyday packaging. The app is free to download and available across the US., although the app currently only identifies recycling facilities in Los Angeles, California.

Incentivized Recycling – How does it work? 

By downloading the Bower app, scanning the barcode of any Zespri product packaging* (including Zespri™ SunGold™ Kiwifruit, Zespri™ Green and Zespri™ Organic), and depositing the packaging at a recycling point – found either already on the Bower app or one they register themselves such as their home recycling bin – users will be credited $1.50. They will then be able to withdraw this money to a bank account or donate it to charity.** 

Bower and Zespri™ Pilot 

As one of the world’s largest marketers of kiwifruit, New Zealand-headquartered Zespri’s decision to work with Bower in this trial is part of the company’s broader focus on embracing more sustainable practices. This innovative approach to address the environmental impact of packaging takes a first step towards getting our packs into recycling bins. The two-month trial kicked off this summer, and the teams are now currently analyzing data and considering next steps. 

Bower’s CEO, Suwar Mert, comments, “Through this initiative, Zespri™ is setting a precedent for how companies should consider their environmental impact. Consumers increasingly want to see brands focusing on the afterlife of their packaging, and Zespri™ is doing exactly that. People all over the US will now be given the opportunity to gain rewards by recycling*, and it’s this kind of environmental incentivisation that will allow the everyday shopper to help make the planet a better place.” 

*Packaging is recyclable only in the few communities that have appropriate recycling facilities. Bower app currently identifies bins in certain areas of Los Angeles, California only. You may register your home recycling bin with Bower. Refer to for more information. 

** $1.50 reward for recycling Zespri packaging is only available for users in US from July-August 2022.

About Bower 

Co-founded in 2015 by brother and sister Suwar (CEO) and Berfin Roza Mert (COO), Bower is one of Sweden’s most popular apps (hitting #1 in the app store charts). In June 2022 alone, 2.2M packages were scanned and recycled using the technology.

Bower recently raised a £3.6M Seed round, as announced by Business Insider, to help them expand in the U.S.