The “Halo Top” of Guac: Two Registered Dietitians on a Mission to Disrupt Guacamole Category with Guiltless Guac

Chicago, Ill. – Guiltless Guac from The Guiltless Garden is a combination of avocado, vegetables, and beans, totaling only 160 calories for the entire 8oz container (compared to 420 calories for the same amount of regular guacamole). It has been rumored to be called the “Halo Top of Guac” by consumers and packs more plant-based protein and fiber per calorie, compared to regular guacamole.

Guiltless Guac’s patent-pending recipe is made with the goodness of nutrient dense whole foods. The recipe is a simple blend of green peas, broccoli, avocado, cannellini beans, lima beans and then are combined with spices and onion. Other ingredients such as tomato, jalapeno, serrano, and cilantro are then added to highlight the traditional flavor of guacamole.

This product is especially targeted for those who struggle with portion control. Knowing people struggle to stick with the recommended 2 tablespoon serving size of your standard guacamole, The Guiltless Garden has crafted a product that allows you to indulge in the desirable quantity while staying within your daily caloric goals more easily. It’s a guac lover’s dream come true!

The Guiltless Garden was founded by two Registered Dietitians, Cheryl Fitzgerald and Maria Dellanina, and was born out of a culinary university course called “Experimental Foods.” While studying to become dietitians, Cheryl and Maria realized their passion for food product development and discovered they could positively influence the food industry and create a lasting impact on public health. This food product, along with others they plan to create, address two major issues in the American diet according to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans: Americans are not eating enough vegetables and Americans are over-consuming foods.

At the end of the semester, Cheryl and Maria were encouraged by members of the food industry to land their guiltless product onto store shelves. They started developing their product and selling in Chicagoland farmer’s markets and food festivals shortly thereafter.

They call their foods “insanely well-balanced” because much of their time in the kitchen has been spent weighing out ingredients in great scrutiny. Their promise to you is that they will work insanely hard to get the consistency, flavor, and nutrition right every single time.

About Guiltless Guac

Guiltless Guac Traditional flavor is currently available at 8 Chicagoland retail locations with plans to launch in more stores and with more flavors (yes, they have 5 other flavors!) by 2020. Want Guiltless Guac in your store? Contact Cheryl and Maria via email at or social media @theguiltlessgarden, and check out their website