Vidalia Industry Honors Longtime Onion Breeder

VIDALIA, GA – The Vidalia onion industry honored a prominent breeder.

The March 16 induction of Roy Kreizenbeck, a longtime breeder with Bejo Seeds, Inc., and other seed companies, into the Vidalia industry’s Hall of Fame, makes Kreizenbeck one of the few non-Georgians to receive the Vidalia onion world’s most prestigious award.

Through its Hall of Fame, the Vidalia Onion Committee (VOC) honors individuals who have made significant and positive contributions to the Vidalia onion industry. Kreizenbeck received the recognition at the yearly Vidalia Onion Banquet and Awards Ceremony.

Cliff Riner, crop production manager with G&R Farms, Glennville, GA, introduced Kreizenbeck, who began breeding some of the first Vidalia hybrids in 1984.

“His judgment has been benefiting us for many years,” says Riner. “He has been a mentor breeder and trainer to other major breeders for the industry. Mr. Roy Kreizenbeck has made a significant impact for everyone in this room and for the customers we sell to.”

Through his career, Kreizenbeck released the most popular and higher yielding Vidalia variety releases through the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s.

“It’s amazing to see what you’ve all done with the Vidalia brand,” says Garret Kreizenbeck, one of Roy Kreizenbeck’s sons. “We are so thankful he’s been part of your success.”

Three other Hall of Famers, Buck Shuman, father of John Shuman of Shuman Farms, R. T. Stanley of Stanley Farms (now Generation Farms) and Bob Stafford, the VOC’s manager, were also present at the awards ceremony.