ZGROUP USA Expands Cold Storage Solutions at LA Produce Distributors with Innovative Modular Containers.

Modular Reefer Containers Revolutionize Refrigeration Applications in the Heart of Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market

[Los Angeles, CA] – ZGROUP, a leading provider of modular container solutions for refrigeration applications, celebrates a milestone as it announces the successful delivery of three additional ZSTORE XL containers to its inaugural customer, LA Produce Distributors. This expansion marks a significant stride in revolutionizing cold storage solutions within the bustling hub of the Los Angeles Wholesale Produce Market.

ZGROUP USA commenced its operations in the US over a year ago, introducing modular solutions crafted from repurposed containers for various refrigeration applications, including Cold Storage, Ripening, Degreening, and Pre-Cooling. The ZSTORE 6XL, a 6-wide Reefer Container Cold Storage solution, made its debut with LA Produce Distributors, and their continued trust and recent order affirm the efficacy and reliability of ZGROUP USA’s solutions.

“Our partnership with LA Produce Distributors has been instrumental in showcasing the adaptability and efficiency of our ZSTORE XL solution,” said Florent Philippot, CEO of ZGROUP USA. “Our containers serve as a bridge for businesses seeking customizable, cost-effective, and efficient cold storage options. The expansion of our collaboration underscores the value our solution brings to their growing operations.”

The ZSTORE XL is tailored to offer a myriad of benefits, including:

– **Short Lead Time:** Rapid delivery and installation.

– **Easy Installation:** No civil work required, saving time and resources.

– **Competitive Pricing:** Cost-effective solution without compromising quality.

– **Versatile Temperature and Humidity Control:** Ranging from -40°F to +102°F and humidity control from 50% to 95%.

– **Custom Features:** Including flat floors, internal lighting, industrial hinged doors, and backup refrigeration units.

– **Remote Monitoring:** Ensuring continuous oversight and management.

“Our modular cold storage solution empowers businesses to maintain control over their operations while avoiding the limitations posed by third-party logistics providers,” added Florent Philippot. “ZGROUP USA is committed to providing innovative and adaptable solutions that streamline operations and drive efficiency for our customers.”

With the expansion of ZGROUP USA’s ZSTORE XL containers at LA Produce Distributors, the company continues to pave the way for scalable, on-site cold storage solutions, enabling businesses to expand without compromising control or operational margins.


ZGROUP USA specializes in modular container solutions for refrigeration applications, offering customizable, cost-effective, and efficient cold storage options to meet diverse business needs. With a commitment to innovation and reliability, ZGROUP USA aims to redefine the landscape of refrigeration solutions Nationwide.