Annual Membership Meeting of Allegiance Retail Services Delivers New Initiatives for Co-op

(Iselin, NJ) – Allegiance Retail Services, LLC held its annual Member Meeting on June 30, 2021. After months of social distancing and dealing with the pressures the coronavirus placed on the grocery industry, co-op members, board and management came together in-person to share smiles, handshakes, and experiences of the past year.

“Convening this year’s Member Meeting is particularly gratifying due to the inability to meet in-person for an extended period of time. Allegiance has a bright future and our cooperative members reflect that optimism evidenced by their investment in stores, associates and the communities they serve,” stated John T. Derderian, President and Chief Operating Officer of ARS.

The first item of order was the Election of the Allegiance Board of Managers, and the Foodtown Board of Directors for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. ARS and Foodtown announced the Managers / Directors as: John Estevez, Jason Ferreira, Daniel Katz, Michael Mignosi, Esmail Mobarak, Joseph Parisi, Louis Scaduto, Jr., John Shakoor, and John Derderian by Appointment. 

Joseph Parisi, Chief Operating Officer of Gristedes/D’Agostino Red Apple Group shared the following sentiment on his appointment, “I am excited to be part of the Board and look forward to a successful year.”

The theme of the meeting, Charting a Course for the Future, saw Allegiance Executives present initiatives which will drive sales and efficiency post a COVID environment.

Once the presentations concluded, members in attendance shared their sentiments. Noah Katz, Co-President of PSK Supermarkets that operate Foodtown/Freshtown/Pathmark supermarkets said, “It’s great to see everyone, grateful to have been able to come through this difficult period taking care of our customers and associates alike.”

John Estevez, President of Estevez Markets operating Foodtown and Green Way Markets remarked on belonging to ARS, “The co-op always acts in the best interest of its customer and members.” And, independent Foodtown grocer Michael Fernandez echoed others’ remarks saying, “Love being part of a family that has your best interest at heart. They are always available to help.”

Co-op membership allows affordability for an independent retailer to offer competitive prices, products and services to its consumers. Members of the Allegiance Retail Services Co-op receive the support of a team of professionals, each with a multitude of experience and expertise in the supermarket industry. For more information regarding membership visit

About Allegiance Retail Services

Allegiance Retail Services, LLC supports independent supermarkets (e.g., Foodtown, Freshtown,  D’Agostino, Gristedes, Pathmark, LaBella Marketplace, Brooklyn Harvest, Market Fresh, Big Deal Food Market, Green Way Markets and Shop n Bag) for retail success by providing them with marketing, advertising, technological and merchandising support, as well as a full line of private label products, including Foodtown, Green Way and Rancher’s Legend.

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