Food Trends Report Period Compared: May '10 Vs. May '11

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Hamburger – #2 search term and up 20% from 2010

“Apart from the die-hards who barbecue year-round, the month of May signals it's time to tune up the barbecues for another season”, suggests Food Editor, Colleen Tully. “And the most popular thing on the grill? Hamburgers.”

Ham – up 119%
New trend: apple pie- up 70%
New trend: scones – up 30%
Pork tenderloin – up 58%

“We can safely bet the surge in scones was inspired by the exciting Royal Wedding last month,” explains Tully. “Cooler, rainy May weather across the country could have inspired apple pie bakers to test their mettle before berry season begins. On-sale hams after Easter sell for delicious prices, giving consumers great incentive to put ham on the table.”

New trend: salsa – down 56%
New trend: lasagna – down 61%
New trend: cookies – down 36%
Salad – down 93%
Chutney – down 73%

“Traditional, lettuce-filled salads just aren't cutting it now that Canadians have discovered salad-friendly grains like quinoa, barley, couscous and bulgur” offers Tully. “Pasta dishes like lasagna are also playing second fiddle as home cooks experiment with the aforementioned grains in casseroles. With salsa and chutney both down this month, we might see a lazier approach to canning and preserving this year.”

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Source: Canadian Living