Giant Eagle Uses Customers, Employees In New Ad Campaign

For four long nights in late August, the Giant Eagle store in Pine became the set for a commercial shoot as lights and camera equipment blocked access to the pineapples and the boneless center cut pork chops while ad agency staff talked the "talent" through take after take after take.

"I've been a butcher at Giant Eagle for 15 years," said Andre Rodgers, his hands shoved into his pockets as he gazed into the camera.

While he looked comfortable in his spotless white butcher's jacket and apron, the bright lights were draining. A director kept asking about things he was proud of, and then the two men would agree on how to say that for the commercial.

Mr. Rodgers valiantly delivered the message — again and again. "Fresh meat makes a big difference." "We cut it fresh every day." "We cut it fresh seven times daily." "That's why I grind the beef fresh seven times a day."

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