Independent Marketing Alliance Announces Addition of Harbor Food Group to Growing Marketing Alliance

Independent Marketing Alliance (IMA), the exclusive network of independent market share leaders in foodservice distribution, has announced the addition of Harbor Foods Group to their Distributor Alliance. This announcement comes just weeks after IMA added leading Hawaii independent foodservice distributor, Y. Hata & Company, to their exclusive buying and marketing network, and points to strong growth for the alliance.

As the largest and only locally owned and operated foodservice broadliner distributing in the Pacific Northwest, Harbor brings 96 years of foodservice experience, leadership and expanded distribution to the national IMA Network.

Harbor will now be the only distributor in the Pacific Northwest with exclusive access to IMA’s 16 exclusive brands, which will play a critical role in both IMA and Harbor’s significant expansion plans in the market.

In addition to new members Harbor and Y. Hata, IMA is comprised of market share, foodservice distribution leaders across the US, including Shamrock Foods, Reinhart Foodservice, Nicholas and Company, Maines Paper & Foodservice, Merchants Foodservice.