Karat by Lollicup Produces Sustainable Straws

CHINO, Calif. — The United States is in a war against single use plastic straws and California is one of its most hard hitting opponent with bans and restrictions. Karat by Lollicup™ is doing everything in their power to help provide business owners in the food service industry find solution to these bans.

Karat by Lollicup™ has been in the process of developing eco-friendly solutions to single use plastic disposables since 2008 with their Karat Earth brand. Karat Earth has two types of straws, PLA and Paper. Both straws do their part in trying to create a greener planet.

The wave of straw bans came along when people started seeing the damage it was doing to the ocean and sea life. Consumers especially those in the foodservice industry were hit the hardest with these bans. Currently 14 cities, (9 of which are in California) have banned single use plastic straws.

Karat by Lollicup™ offered paper straws long before the bans started happening across the United States and continues to grow their straw line to offer customers more. They now have 16 paper straws that feature different colors, and spiral designs.

PLA is a plastic type of material that is made from renewable resources, which is better for the environment as it can be composted. Paper straws are becoming more popular even though that there is some backlash about how quickly they dissolve. Karat by Lollicup™ understands the pain and hassle their customers face with finding solutions.

Karat by Lollicup™ is a manufacturer and supplier of premium beverage and disposable foodservice products. Four different brands are owned underneath Karat by Lollicup which include Karat®, Karat Earth®, Tea Zone®and Total Clean™. They have been in business for almost 20 years and employee over 400 employees at their multiple locations throughout the United States. For more information please visit www.Karatpackaging.com or email marketing@karatpackaging.com