Leading Foodservice Companies Launch Foodservice Brands Alliance

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Diamond Crystal Brands, Idahoan Foods, Knouse Foods, and Mount Franklin Foods have joined forces to launch the Foodservice Brands Alliance (“FBA” or the “Alliance”), the first dedicated network for manufacturers in the foodservice industry. Members of the FBA will align on go-to-market strategies to drive industry leading efficiencies within the Broker Sales Agency model in foodservice. 

The traditional broker model was ready for innovation. In turn, the FBA seeks to revolutionize the traditional model of sales agency representation by focusing on accountability, simplicity, and transparency. The Alliance has chosen to work with Broker Sales Agencies that are committed to innovation and strategic collaboration.

Barbara Powell, Vice President Foodservice Sales, Mount Franklin Foods added, “The FBA companies represent thought leaders in meeting the needs of customers, both on the operator and distributor side. This is an exciting first step toward transforming the industry and further strengthens our position for future innovation and growth.”

“Together, members of the Alliance will drive greater results and efficiencies  for our distributor and operator partners,” said Peter Reid, Vice President Corporate Accounts and Broadline Sales, Diamond Crystal Brands.

Craig Gentry, Vice President and General Manager, Idahoan Foodservice added, “Our innovative approach to measuring and communicating results, coupled with true variable compensation, will create value throughout the foodservice vertical.”

The Alliance envisions growing its network to include other best-in-class food manufacturers that are committed to driving efficiencies in the Broker Sales Agency model. “We believe the benefits of this model will be demonstrated from day one, drawing interest from similarly positioned manufacturers. The FBA is already in a number of discussions that will continue to increase our scale, value, and impact on the industry,” said Todd Michael, Sr. Director of Foodservice Division, Knouse Foods.

The Alliance will be managed in consultation with Pentallect, a food industry strategic consulting firm.