Leverage the Power of Perishables by Differentiating Fresh Food Offerings

During 2020, many of us embraced our inner chefs, getting closer to our kitchens and adjusting some of the foods we keep in them. With most of us forced indoors due to the pandemic, the percentage of U.S. consumers’ meals made and eaten at home nearly doubled, jumping from 48% in 2019 to a whopping 85% in 2020. And, with some of the extra time consumers had during lockdown, 38% reported embracing the chance to improve their health by starting a diet or making better choices in the kitchen. Following these trends, it’s no surprise the fresh food category ended 2020 on a high note.

As we weave our way through 2021 and set our sights on the pandemic hopefully winding down this year, fresh foods remain a vital component to both the in-store and online shopping experiences. From supercenters and convenience stores to coffee shops and fast-casual dining, almost every channel that sells food has shifted toward a more fresh-forward format. With all of the offerings now available in fresh food, how can your store or product stand out from the crowd? Three key areas offer retailers and manufacturers fantastic differentiation opportunities, whether in-store, online or out-of-store with digital or other media.


Even with many restaurants across the U.S. opening up, most consumers meal experiences are still taking place at home. Capture shoppers’ attention by highlighting meal makers such as fresh herbs, ground meats and chicken breasts or versatile, multi-meal staples like fresh tomatoes, and anchor them to other promotions across your store.

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