Natural & Organic Wholesale Food Distributor Ace Natural Enters Into Partnership With Producers Market to Scale Product Traceability Tools

MANHATTAN, N.Y. — Ace Natural, a pioneer in organic distribution in New York, has entered into a corporate partnership with Producers Market, a global digital marketplace, to scale access by food service providers and retailers’ to traceable and transparent organic products from source to consumer using digital technology applications.

Consumer demand for transparency continues to mount. Consumers want to know who grew their products, where it is from, and what its impacts are. Bringing transparency to the premium products marketplace is a natural progression for the industry. Ace Natural is driving this trend into the distribution sector of the supply chain via its partnership with Producers Market.

“We are enthusiastic about the partnership with Producers Market. Bringing together direct sourcing with traceability is an incredible proposition that many in the industry have been waiting for,” said Tor Newman, CEO of Ace. “The StoryBird application is a game changer. To put the power in the consumers’ hands to learn about the source of their goods is something that we are excited to pioneer.”

Ace Natural and Producers Market have come together to transition the distributors’ existing and new value chains onto the Producers Market platform to enable end-to-end traceability and storytelling of its goods with the StoryBird application, which allows consumers to see where ingredients come from and enjoy transparent supply chain stories through an e-commerce integration, or by scanning a QR code on packaging, store displays, or menus. Customers of Ace Natural will gain visibility to the source of production and be able to share that story with their customers.

“Formalizing this partnership with Ace Natural is a monumental step in our journey. We rely on distributors to get the products to the store shelves and into the food service industry,” said Keith Agoada, CEO of Producers Market. “To partner with a leading distributor who shares our values in sustainability, producer wellbeing, and transparency for the consumer is a sign that the moment has come for our platform. We are ready to pilot programs and technologies with Ace Natural.”

The product focus on the partnership will include bulk organic ingredient items such as quinoa, coconut, sugar cane, flour, oils, and frozen fruits and vegetables. In addition, the fresh produce items of Ace Natural will quickly become a target for integration to the StoryBird application.

“Finally real traceability is available to food companies, which will drive cleaner and healthier food for all. Storybird is providing radical transparency to our food systems and at Ace Natural, we are very excited to make this meaningful tool available to our customers,” said Alberto Gonzalez, Ace Natural’s COO.

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