Phillips New Culinary Crab – Say Goodbye To Broken Lumps

Baltimore MD – Phillips Foods is proud to introduce a new, innovative product line Culinary Crab™.  Culinary Crab™ features a patented process that utilizes 100% natural blue swimming crab, shaping it into Jumbo and Super Lump sizes. These large, uniform lumps truly deliver the flavor of fresh crab and are produced without any artificial binders.  The Culinary Crab™ line currently offers two items: Culinary Jumbo and Culinary Super Lump.

Phillips Culinary Crab™ was recently recognized at the International Boston Seafood Show for Best New Product in Foodservice 2013.  “We are delighted to be honored for our hard work developing Culinary Crab™ and I am proud of our organization’s dedication to providing customers with new, innovative products that truly add value”, noted CEO and President Steve Phillips.

As America’s #1 seller of crab meat, Phillips is committed to supplying chefs with exceptional and consistent quality products. Phillips Culinary Crab™ is proof that “exceptional crab” and “cost-savings” belong in the same sentence. Culinary Crab™ prices below average market pricing for like grades, allowing more operators to feature crab on their menu. Another key features of Culinary Crab™ is the products’ holding properties; maintaining form when used in all cooking applications. No more broken lumps; just premium, eye-catching, mouthwatering crab dishes.

Phillips Culinary Crab™ is covered under the company’s sustainability initiatives and directly contributes to the NFI Crab Council program.

Culinary Crab™ is available year round and features an 18-month shelf life when stored below 38° F.  The product is packed twelve (12) one pound cans to a case.

About Phillips Foods

Phillips Seafood Restaurants and Phillips Foods, Inc. is a family-owned business founded in 1956 with headquarters in Baltimore.  They are best known for their famous Maryland style crab cakes and seafood dishes bringing genuine Maryland style favorites to life served at more than 20 Phillips Seafood Restaurants throughout the Eastern time zone.  In addition, Phillips is recognized as the leading importer and distributor of crab meat and other crab products in the United States.  The company has additional lines of the highest quality seafood items for both retail and foodservice customers as well as company owned restaurants.  Owning and operating crab plants and seafood restaurants for over 90 years has placed Phillips in a unique niche in the food world.  Phillips Foods is making seafood a bigger part of life by producing and distributing the most delicious seafood products on the market today.  For more information about Phillips, call 1.888.234.CRAB or visit

Source: Phillips Foods