Raydia Food Group Created as New Holding Company for Indiana-Based Foodservice Distributor Stanz-Troyer

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Indiana’s largest foodservice distribution holding company – Stanz-Troyer – announced today that it will now operate under a new unified brand name as Raydia Food Group.

The new Raydia Food Group platform enables existing customers of Stanz and Troyer’s to continue to benefit from industry-leading service with deep expertise across Indiana and nearby regions. The company currently enjoys U.S. sales of $500 million across all of its key markets – foodservice, restaurants, butcher shops, convenience stores, school nutrition, government and supermarkets.

“Raydia Food Group will now be the cohesive platform to help fuel growth for Stanz, Troyer’s and other foodservice brands we may acquire” says Moe Alkemade, CEO and Board Member of Stanz-Troyer, who will become CEO of the new Raydia Food Group. “The creation of Raydia Food Group is a strategic decision designed to fast track growth for our employees, investors, and customers. Most importantly, this cohesive platform enables other local food distribution companies that wish to join the Raydia family to retain their individual culture and heritage.”

Alkemade underscored that the roles and responsibilities of Stanz-Troyer’s 450 employees will not change. Both Stanz and Troyer’s will retain their unique brand equity, customers and long-term viability, but will now operate under Raydia Food Group, which has replaced the Stanz-Troyer holding company name. In addition to job growth, Alkemade says the new platform will facilitate the adoption of new technology and equipment, and expansion into new geographic markets.

“With our aggressive growth goals, the new Raydia Food Group brand will ensure that our customers continue to benefit from Stanz and Troyer’s expertise and enhanced service, developed through their combined 175 years of experience in foodservice distribution,” added Alkemade.

Alkemade brings to Raydia Food Group his past experience as CEO of Raymundos Food Group, President/Chief Strategy Officer for Treehouse Foods, Group Vice President of Merchandising, Private Brands and Global Sourcing for Walgreens, and Vice President for Kraft Foods. 

South Bend, Indiana-based Stanz Foodservice merged in 2022 with Goshen, Indiana-based Troyer Foods – becoming the Midwest’s largest and most respected independent foodservice distribution company.

Both companies will continue to operate under their original Stanz and Troyer’s brand names, but all email domain names will shift to @raydia.com.

For more information, visit Raydia Food Group’s website at www.raydia.com.