Restaurantware Debuts an Extensive “No-Added PFAS” Sugarcane Fiber Compostable to-Go Packaging and Cup Line

NEW YORK — In a groundbreaking move that underscores its unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, Restaurantware has launched a comprehensive collection of over 50 no-added PFAS sugarcane take out and catering products, demonstrating its dedication to providing environmentally conscious solutions. Restaurantware’s Pulp Safe line includes compostable plates, cups, trays, and take out containers produced from repurposed sugarcane fiber without the addition of PFAS, which are sometimes referred to as ‘forever chemicals.’

This major expansion caters to all addressable segments in the catering, fast food, delivery, buffet, grocery, hospitality, and restaurant markets, making Restaurantware a convenient one-stop marketplace for foodservice businesses looking to comply with strict state regulations concerning food packaging materials. The Pulp Safe products are microwave-friendly, cut-resistant, suitable for hot and cold foods, and available in a variety of unique and design-forward styles.

Restaurantware’s innovative line is produced without any added per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which have been linked to significant environmental and health concerns. To ensure compliance, the Pulp Safe products underwent rigorous fluorine testing at a renowned United States-based laboratory, utilizing the highest standard closed-chamber oxygen bomb combustion with ion-selective electrode machinery. This stringent testing process provides concrete verification and affirms Restaurantware’s commitment to meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

“Restaurantware is acutely tuned in to solving various environmental concerns affecting the foodservice industry today. It’s been a challenging journey, but we’re proud to unveil our ‘No-Added PFAS’ product lines,” said Jamil Bouchareb, CEO of Restaurantware.

With these new offerings, Restaurantware reaffirms its dedication to environmental sustainability, aiding businesses in navigating complex state regulations while fulfilling their customers’ demand for eco-friendly practices. All products within the Pulp Safe line are currently undergoing BPI certification, guaranteeing adherence to the most stringent industry standards for compostability. This certification provides customers with the confidence that they are selecting environmentally responsible options that meet the highest criteria for sustainability.

“Our extensive range of products provides a straightforward solution for foodservice businesses transitioning to more sustainable practices,” added Bouchareb. As technology advances and demand continues to surge, Restaurantware foresees expanding its Pulp Safe line with an additional 200 products, ensuring it is meeting the evolving needs of customers.

Restaurantware’s no-added PFAS sugarcane take out and compostable coffee cup line are now available for purchase. For more information, visit

About Restaurantware:
Restaurantware is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, innovative, and environmentally-friendly restaurant supplies and catering equipment. With a focus on utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials, Restaurantware is continually redefining industry standards, aiming to improve environmental sustainability and minimize the ecological impact of foodservice.