BBNC to Acquire Two Giants of Alaska’s Pacific Cod Fishery

The Bristol Bay Native Corporation has been working for a year to acquire two of the largest Pacific cod harvesters in the country. Now, it is about to close that deal. 

Clipper Seafoods and Blue North Fisheries are freezer longline catchers, two giants of the Pacific cod industry. Clipper has six hook and line vessels, and after retiring one of its vessels, Blue North will have four. Now, the Bristol Bay Native Corporation is poised to acquire all of them. 

“BBNC has been looking at an investment or opportunities within the broader seafood sector for a couple of years,” said BBNC CEO and President Jason Metrokin. “Blue North and Clipper Seafoods, as of Friday last week, have officially merged together. And then BBNC’s intentions are to acquire the merged companies – the Blue North Clipper Group – on Sept. 30.”

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