Expo East Announces NEXTY Finalists: Heard of a Kvarøy Arctic’s Salmon Hot Dog?

Kvarøy Arctic’s Salmon Hot Dog is a finalist in the ‘Best New Frozen Product’ category for the NEXTY Awards! The product is recognized as one of the most progressive, impactful, and trustworthy products in the natural food industry. 

A Salmon Hot Dog, you ask? These new frozen pantry staples are made with the American Heart Association-certified sustainable Kvarøy Arctic Atlantic salmon. The hot dog-like texture makes it easy to grill or pan-fry the dogs with a result that is both juicy and perfectly browned to serve. They are non-GMO, Gluten Free, and can be stored in the freezer for up to one year. They also have a full weekly recommended allowance of Omega 3’s in one serving.

The company has national distribution and the hot dogs are available in Whole Foods Markets and on Amazon. No wonder these hot dogs made the cut for the prestigious NEXTY awards!

The salmon dogs are not just delicious but serve a mindful purpose. At Kvaroy Arctic, we make every effort possible to lower food waste – it’s a core part of our sustainability plan. We avoid wasting any salmon by utilizing the trimmings and off-cuts from the fish to create delicious, heartful, and purposeful hot dogs. As we make the most of every piece of salmon, our salmon dogs are the solution to preventing food waste while also offering an exciting new way to enjoy salmon at home. What’s more, the snap of the hot dog along with the thoughtful blend of spices, leaves even the kids in the family sure that it was a traditional hot dog!