Introducing Sitka Seafood Market: Elevating Seafood with a Fresh, Sustainable, and Community-Centric Approach

SITKA, Alaska – We are thrilled to unveil a new era for seafood lovers as we proudly reintroduce ourselves as Sitka Seafood Market, a name that underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering premium, wild-caught, sustainable seafood, while fostering a community deeply connected through the joy of sharing food.

At Sitka Seafood Market, we believe that every meal, at any table, holds the potential for joy, connection, and discovery. Food, especially seafood, transcends mere sustenance — it’s a gateway to culture, shared moments, and cherished memories. This belief has driven us to revolutionize the seafood landscape, offering not just pristine products but an immersive journey that connects individuals with the purity of flavors and the stories behind each catch.

Our new identity is rooted in the understanding that food is an embodiment of connection — a bridge that unites us with the source, the producers, and our community of friends and family. With every succulent bite of our seafood, members and customers are transported to the pristine waters where each fish was harvested. We celebrate the undeniable truth that food tastes better when it is closer to its source, and we are dedicated to bringing that exceptional flavor directly to your kitchen. One of our top priorities at Sitka Seafood Market is empowering you with the knowledge and skills to be a better home cook. Senior Culinary Director Grace Parisi leads our team in these efforts, orchestrating recipe development, culinary content deployment, and sharing years of professional experience.

The seafood you find in supermarkets often undergoes a convoluted journey, with multiple freeze and thaw cycles, and is passed through the hands of numerous conglomerates along the supply chain. This complex route dilutes the freshness, flavor, and nutritional value of the seafood. Sitka Seafood Market challenges this norm by delivering seafood that is truly fresh, unadulterated, and handled with the utmost care, allowing the true essence of the ocean to shine through in every bite.

“Sitka Seafood Market is not just a name; it’s a commitment to purity and quality — in taste, in sourcing, and in the connections we forge,” says Gerardo Canales, CEO. “We are determined to redefine the seafood experience by placing our members at the heart of the journey, from the moment a fish is caught to the memories created as it graces their table. We foster joy. The joy of cooking, the joy of eating, and the joy of spending time with our friends and family — in any kitchen and at any table.”

With a renewed sense of purpose, we invite seafood lovers, health-conscious people, and anyone who enjoys good food to join the Sitka Seafood Market community — a group of individuals passionate about savoring the unrivaled taste of unspoiled seafood while celebrating the stories shared around every table across the United States. As a member of Sitka Seafood Market, you’re not just subscribing to seafood, you’re becoming part of a movement that values purity, sustainability, and culinary delight while supporting small boat fisheries and the environment.

About Sitka Seafood Market
Sitka Seafood Market is a trailblazing seafood distributor that has redefined the way individuals experience seafood. Started 12 years ago by a Sitka, Alaska fisherman, our singular focus continues to be a relentless commitment to purity, sustainability, and community. Sitka Seafood Market offers premium, wild-caught seafood that captures the essence of the ocean in every bite. By forging a direct connection between consumers, fishermen, and the source, Sitka Seafood Market ensures an unparalleled dining experience that celebrates the joy of exceptional food and the power of meaningful connections.

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