Mike Voisin's Widow To Walk The Hill A Year After Husband's Death

It won’t be like days of old, but Nelson, Sunseri and Voisin will once again unite for the yearly Washington, D.C. “Walk the Hill”; only this time it will be Sarah Voisin, not her late husband Mike.

“The Gulf Oyster Industry Council Walk on the Hill” and “D.C. Oyster Week” events were founded 20-years ago by the Gulf Oyster Industry Council (GOIC). The 2014 events take place the week of February 16th-21st, climaxing with the annual D.C. Mardi Gras.

“The GOIC sponsored events promote oysters from the Gulf’s expansive oyster growing regions, as well as celebrate the chefs that use the oysters to create their wonderful dishes,” said Al Sunseri, owner of New Orleans’s P & J Oyster and a GOIC board member.

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