Peconic Bay Scallop Season a Wash: ‘The Worst in 15 Years’

NORTH FORK, NY — Phones were ringing at seafood shops and restaurants across the North Fork and East End Monday with hungry diners hoping to celebrate the first day of Peconic Bay scallop season.

But for those who’ve waited months for that much-heralded first taste of sweet goodness, the news was grim: This year’s season is, quite simply, a bust.

Scallop fisherman Kevin Mellenburg, out on opening day, reflected on the turn of events. “This is the worst harvest season we’ve seen in the last decade,” he said. With so few scallops to be had, he said, “Prices will be through the roof.” He got about three bushels Monday, he said, and his take was one of the top three highest on Peconic Bay, he said.

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