Stavis Seafoods Expands its BOS’N Line of Products

BOSTON, MA – Stavis Seafoods, a vertically integrated importer and manufacturer of quality fresh & frozen seafood, today announced that it expanded its BOS’N brand to include a full line of Argentine Red Shrimp products. The new BOS’N additions include retail and foodservice packs of Peeled & Deveined, Easy-to-Peel and Headless, Shell-On Argentine Red Shrimp that are harvested on company-owned vessels and processed in company-owned plants. Unlike many other shrimp products on the market, Stavis Seafoods’ BOS’N Argentine Red Shrimp are fully integrated and show a direct connection to the fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat. This connection provides customers with the simple, clear, and traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution they demand.

Argentine Red Shrimp are increasingly popular and highly sought after by chefs and seafood lovers because of their sweet, lobster-like flavor and beautiful red coloring. They also cook quickly, sometimes in half the time of other shrimp species, which can cut prep time, making them ideal for busy chefs. BOS’N Argentine Red Shrimp are all wild caught and individually quick frozen at sea to ensure freshness and quality. They are available in the following formats, packs and count sizes:

Raw P&D Tail-On1×10, 2×1012/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30ct
Raw P&D Tail-Off1×10, 2×1012/15, 16/20, 21/25, 26/30, 31/40, 41/50ct, Bits & Pieces
Raw Easy-to-Peel1×1016/20, 21/25, 26/30ct
Raw Headless, Shell-On1×1016/20, 21/25ct

“Stavis Seafoods and our BOS’N brand both have a long tradition of innovation and quality,” said Chuck Marble, CEO of Stavis Seafoods, LLC. “Expanding the BOS’N line to include Argentine Red Shrimp delivers on our commitment to provide responsibly sourced, high quality seafood to our customers. Sourced and processed by our sister companies, our BOS’N Argentine Red Shrimp provides the direct-from-the-source solution our customers are looking for while also increasing their high quality purchasing options. These products are a great addition and we are excited to offer them to our retail and foodservice customers”

The full BOS’N Shrimp product line also includes various cooked and raw P&D White Shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) and Black Tiger Shrimp (Penaeus monodon), as well as a Cold Water Shrimp option.    

About Stavis Seafoods:
Stavis Seafoods has been a Boston Waterfront landmark and seafood industry pioneer since 1929. A multinational fishing company and manufacturer with vessels and processing plants around the world, Stavis Seafoods has a direct connection to fishermen harvesting their seafood on the boat, providing true vertical integration and a simple, traceable hook-to-plate sourcing solution. A leader in responsible global sourcing, Stavis has the industry expertise to help customers buy and sell with confidence. Stavis offers a line of famous brands, including BOS’N, Prince Edward, Foods From the Sea, Boston Pride and Ocean Delight. For more information about Stavis Seafoods, please call us at (617) 482-6349 or visit us at