The Boston Smoked Fish Company Expands Distribution to Whole Foods Market locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Boston, MA – The Boston Smoked Fish Company announces the arrival of its distinctively delicious hot-smoked filets and pâtés at all Whole Foods Market locations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

As the premier smoked fish company in Massachusetts, Boston Smoked Fish has pioneered its own niche within Boston’s thriving seafood culture by focusing exclusively on the art of hot-smoking. This process imparts a cooked texture to the fish and gives it a distinctive bacon-like umami quality that appeals to traditional meat eaters and seafood lovers alike. Among Boston Smoked Fish Company’s secrets are its brine ingredients and the critical dry time that allows each filet to develop the perfect pellicle, or smoke-catching surface. Once in the smoker, there is no firm rule for determining how long the fish should cook; only experience and careful attention to each batch ensures the perfect result.

The Boston Smoked Fish Company emerged in 2013 when Matt Baumann and Chris Avery — law school classmates, attorneys and seafood lovers — set out to create a smoked fish that stands apart from the more traditional brands on the market. They renovated a 500-square-foot shed and experimented with 72 different brine recipes and multiple varieties of fresh fish and North American hardwoods, finally arriving at the perfect combination of flavor and all-natural processing. Blessed with an abundance of farmers’ markets in the Boston area, Matt and Chris traded in their day jobs and dedicated themselves full-time to sharing their results with the communities around them. Today Boston Smoked Fish can be found in specialty stores and supermarkets nationwide. Their new home on the Historic Boston Fish Pier in the heart of Boston’s seafood industry allows them to service high-volume demand while maintaining the same hand-crafted approach that has been their signature from the very beginning.

“We were very fortunate from the start to have access to so many farmers’ markets,” says Boston Smoked Fish Co-Founder Chris Avery. “This put us directly in contact with customers, whose feedback was instrumental to the growth of our business. Whole Foods Market is a company that shares our core values of selling the highest-quality, sustainably harvested food available. It’s very exciting to have established a relationship with Whole Foods Market, not only here in New England, but now in the greater New York tri-state area as well”.

Visit the Seafood Department of your local Whole Foods Markets and look for The Boston Smoked Fish Company’s products — all cooked and ready to eat!

Simply Smoked — Norwegian Atlantic Salmon smoke-roasted over pecan and cherry wood; flakes up beautifully into salads and pastas, or can simply be served as the perfect entrée; 4 oz. $10.99

Salmon Pâté – Delicious chunks of our popular Simply Smoked salmon, hand-folded into a light pâté made with fresh-squeezed lemon juice and chopped dill. A fantastic ready-to-serve appetizer with toast points or crostini; 6 oz. $9.99

Salmon Bacon – Finally, a healthy, delicious alternative to pork bacon! Made from the finest salmon belly, considered by many to be the tastiest cut of the salmon. Create a smoked salmon B.L.T., a bagel sandwich, or use as an impressive addition on a charcuterie plate; 3 oz. $9.99

Find Boston Smoked Fish Company’s products through its store locator guide or get it shipped anywhere in the U.S. through its online store at

About The Boston Smoked Fish Company

Founded in 2013 by smoked fish enthusiasts and law school classmates Matt Baumann and Chris Avery, the mission of The Boston Smoked Fish Company is to produce the highest quality smoked fish available using sustainably harvested fish, locally sourced ingredients, and all-natural preparation. We hand-select the freshest fish daily from the docks in Boston, expertly pair it with fresh herbs and spices, and gently smoke it in small batches over North American hardwoods such as pecan, cherry and hickory. We believe it’s important for people to know what they eat, which is why we rely on locally sourced ingredients from the communities where we work and live. Visit The Boston Smoked Fish Company on the historic Boston Fish Pier or at