US Patent Office Issues 48th RF Sensor Patent to Infratab, Inc.

Oxnard, California – Infratab, Inc., a leader in condition-intelligent radio frequency (RF) sensor solutions, is pleased to announce the issuance by the U.S. Patent Office of its RF sensor patent, US 10,467,444 “Apparatus and Method for Monitoring, Communicating Data Associated with a Product/Item.”  Dated November 5, 2019, this issued patent brings Infratab’s RF-sensor patent portfolio to a total of 48 issued and active patents, 1 expired patent and 5 pending patents spanning 27 countries.

The innovations in US Patent 10,467,44 and Infratab’s RF sensor patent portfolio provide systems and methods for radio frequency temperature and other environmental sensing and condition monitoring.  The patent portfolio covers two categories of features: basic sensing and condition intelligence. The condition-intelligence features add shelf life and condition metrics to basic sensing.

The Infratab patented system comprises digital sensors, edge computing and cloud services. The system’s digital sensor architecture, consisting of one or more RF transponders, sensors, an optional control processor or microcontroller and communication interface to and from RF reader, RF transponder and sensor, is widely used in the Internet of Things (IoT).

“The newly-issued patent adds audiovisual associations and private-public access of sensor data to the patent portfolio,” Stanton Kaye, Infratab, Inc. President says, “We at Infratab marvel at how comprehensive our early vision was. Features we patented and implemented years ago are finally gaining public acceptance and triggering ‘Of course!’ comments for features that took years for acceptance.”

Added Therese Myers, Infratab CEO, “In the perishable cold chain, the digital sensor’s multiple RAIN and NFC RF support, coupled with its audiovisual association of pictures and sensor data, enables high volume reading of RF sensor tags at receiving dock doors and low volume, personal QA inspections using phones.” 

About Infratab

Infratab, Inc. is the leader in condition intelligent RF sensor solutions for monitoring, tracking, and tracing perishables and items with measurable wear and tear. Infratab designs, makes, sells and services tags, edge software, cloud services, and analytics. These products are marketed under the brand name Infratab Freshtime. For more information visit

On November 6, 2019 Infratab won the AIM 2019 Case Study Competition-Blockchain. Key Infratab patented innovations making this award possible include multiple RF (RAIN and NFC) air protocols, audio-visual associations and shelf life blockchained tracking by business partner and process, for fresh and frozen seafood.