Wegmans Organic Farmed Shrimp, With European Union Organic Certification

The positive reaction of our customers to the Irish Organic Salmon, certified by the European Union, made us eager to have other organic offerings. Here’s what you’ll find just appearing in our Seafood service case …Wegmans Organic Farmed Shrimp, with European Union (EU) Organic Certification. (No U.S. organic standard for seafood has been established yet by the USDA).

The EU designation means the shrimp was raised under conditions which address the most significant health and environmental challenges in farmed shrimp production. Our seafood guy, Carl Salamone, has known the Vanoni family company (OMARSA) producing this shrimp for several years. But, the Guayaquil, Ecuador-based aqua-farm only received its EU organic certification in January of 2010.

Their E-Z Peel shrimp are raised on the northwest coast of South America in mostly inland ponds to avoid interference with mangrove forests or coastal wetland. A limited number of shrimp in the ponds means less stress on the shrimp and on the environment. All the feed is local and certified organic. Learn more about the farm by visiting www.omarsa.com.ec/. As with all Wegmans shrimp, organic or not, these never receive antibiotics or hormones and are never treated with chemical preservatives.

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