Work Continues on China’s Red Swimming Crab FIP

Washington, DC – Almost a year after a Memorandum of Understanding launched the NFI Red Crab Council’s first Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) in China, the project continues to gain momentum and make progress towards FIP workplan objectives.  This comprehensive FIP is focused on the fishery in Fujian Province, the leading fishing region for red crab.

An analysis of harvest management options is underway and information sharing with Chinese science and fishery management representatives is ongoing, including meetings with researchers in the field this month.  Meanwhile, collection and examination of catch, effort and biological data continues.

“It has been exciting to see the processing industry and fishing communities on the ground, led by Zhangzhou Aquatic Product Processing and Marketing Association, dedicated funders, committed Government interests, top notch researchers based in Xiamen University and the national seafood association China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance all working together,” said Songlin Wang, who leads Ocean Outcomes’ work in China and who’s managing the project.

The founding members of the NFI Red Crab Council include Asian Pacific Seafood, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Carrington Foods, Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, Newport International, Stavis Seafoods, Supreme Crab & Seafood and Twin Tails Seafood Corporation.

Well-known Blue Swimming Crab importer Phillips Foods has joined the China effort as an associate member.

“Our company does not import this type of crab, but we’ve watched this FIP develop from the beginning and have been impressed with its evolution,” said Brice Phillips the Chair of NFI’s Blue Swimming Crab Council. “We encourage companies and foundations to invest in sustainability efforts that are making a difference, even if they’re slightly outside of their lane.”

The Red Swimming Crab effort in China has been funded by the NFI Red Crab Council and generous support from the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation.

The NFI Red Crab Council is the leading precompetitive collaboration effort focused solely on the sustainability of Red Swimming Crab. The Council is committed to collaborating on Red Crab Fisheries Improvement Projects globally.