How Does a Pandemic Affect Local Bakeries

In the past ten years, food manufacturing establishments—such as bakeries—increased by 25%. Whereas beverage manufacturing establishments—like breweries—increased by 125%.

The Power of Suggestion: “Try the White Milk, it Tastes Good”

How much does a suggestion actually affect children’s food choice in the cafeteria? Nearly 80% of grade school children are choosing chocolate milk over white milk. In new research released in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, John List and Chien-Yu Lai from the University of Chicago, and Anya Samek from the University of Southern California, randomly assigned some children to receive a verbal prompt on milk choice. Other children did not receive any prompts.

Sour Milk: How Canada May Be a Loser under NAFTA 2.0 (USMCA)

In the new article “Reforming Canada’s Dairy Sector: USMCA and the Issue of Compensation,” released in AEPP, G. Cornelis van Kooten from the University of Victoria looks into the winners and losers of the new trade agreement.