Why Did the Beef Cross the Road?

September 14, 2021 AIB International

In 2015, 40,000 pounds of beef – enough to make 160,000 quarter pound hamburgers – was loaded for delivery into a trailer near Loganton, Pennsylvania, and was never seen again. Authorities say the company information on the truck was fraudulent, while the driver had used a fake ID to get the delivery contract, allowing him to drive away with $110,000 worth of product.

AIB International: COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Legal & Practical Considerations for Employers

August 16, 2021 AIB International

Get the answers to these frequently asked questions in the article below. For the full presentation, including technical information on the COVID-19 vaccines and legal and practical consideration in Canada, China, Mexico and Germany, please download the slides.

AIB International Asks, Pop Quiz! Do You Know Your Labels?

August 9, 2021 AIB International

The next time you are walking the aisles of the grocery store, ask yourself “Who is responsible for regulating the labeling of these packaged foods?” In the U.S., regulations from multiple agencies apply to most products, but each packaged food has a principal agency responsible for ensuring its proper labeling.

AIB International You Are Now Entering… The Product Zone

July 23, 2021 AIB International

Do you know the difference between the product zone and the product area? And why that understanding is important for packaging manufacturers to help ensure food safety?

Open Sesame, Just Not for Me

The FASTER Act expands the definition of a “major food allergen” for purposes of certain food-labeling requirements to specifically include sesame. In effect, the law makes sesame the ninth major allergen here in the United States, requiring that packaging be labeled when the food contains sesame as an ingredient.