Protect Your Facility from Intentional Harm and Comply with New FDA Regulations

January 15, 2020 AIB International

Food production safety used to be limited to external threats, many of which could be controlled by simply erecting a fence or adding a key card system. Securing the safety of food production was a matter of securing your facility. Unfortunately, today’s biggest threats to food safety can come from both external and internal threats attacking the safety of the food supply – some of which may be intentional.

AIB International Releases 2020 Public Food Safety and Baking Seminar Schedule

December 30, 2019 AIB International

AIB International has released its schedule for upcoming public food safety and baking seminars. New for 2020, our virtual classroom format is being integrated into many of these in-person seminars. This approach allows us to take our world-class expertise to anyone with a computer, wherever they are around the world.

New Board Members Selected for AIB International’s Parent Company

November 19, 2019 AIB International

As AIB International continues its evolution to meet the current and future needs of the global food supply chain, four new board members have been selected to join the board of its parent company, the American Institute of Baking (AIB).

New Board Members Selected for AIB International’s Certification Services

November 14, 2019 AIB International

AIB International Certification Services, Inc., which performs certifications audits for the global food supply chain, has added two new board members. A wholly owned subsidiary of AIB and separate entity from AIB International, Certification Services certifies food manufacturers, packaging, and storage and distribution.

AIB International Launches BakePro Certification

November 13, 2019 AIB International

AIB International is launching their new BakePro Certification during IBIE 2019. The BakePro Certification is a customized training and consulting program that leverages AIB International’s century of expertise.