Beyond Meat Launches Beyond Chicken Tenders at Restaurants Nationwide

July 8, 2021 Beyond Meat, Inc.

Crafted to look, cook and taste like traditional chicken tenders, the delicious plant-based Beyond Chicken Tenders are breaded to perfection for a crispy outside and irresistibly tender bite. Starting today, consumers can find the latest must-try product from Beyond Meat at select restaurants across the country.

KFC to Sell Plant-Based Fried Chicken in These Additional Cities

July 17, 2020 CNN

KFC is launching a plant-based version of its fried chicken in about 50 locations in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego next week.

KFC’s First-Ever Beyond Chicken Sold Out Completely in Five Hours

September 3, 2019 CAITLIN WELSH, Mashable

First Popeye’s sandwiches sold out. Now KFC has proved that whether the chicken is the real thing or not, people will queue for that finger-lickin’ deliciousness.