Maryland’s Blue Crabs Are Back in the Chesapeake Bay, but That May Not Last Forever

May 22, 2023 Ivy Lyons, WTOP

Maryland Department of Natural Resources officials have noticed increased Chesapeake Bay blue crabs since last year’s recorded low.

Warmer Waters, More Salt, Fewer Blue Crabs — A Grim Report Urges SC Lawmakers to Act

Commercial and recreational crabbers have long complained about dwindling catches. For two decades, finger-pointing has largely been directed at the state for its notoriously lax fishery management. Now, crabbers have something else to blame: climate change. 

Decline in Chesapeake Crab population Sparks Hunt for Answers

It’s been a lean season for crabbers and crab lovers alike, with the Chesapeake Bay’s popular crustaceans at their lowest level in more than 30 years.

Maryland Sets First-Ever Limits on Harvest of Male Chesapeake Blue Crabs

July 11, 2022 Neal Augenstein, WTOP

Maryland Department of Natural Resources announced that starting in July, commercial watermen will be limited to at most 15 bushels a day of male crabs in August and September.

A Prized Southern Crustacean Could be Maine’s Newest Fishery

The appearance of blue crab in Maine over the past couple years has researchers wondering if the prized southern crustacean is making a new home up north.