Salmon Returns to Alaska’s Bristol Bay Expected to Drop to More Normal Levels Next Year

November 9, 2023 YERETH ROSEN, Alaska Beacon

The 2024 Bristol Bay sockeye salmon run is expected to total 39 million fish, with a predicted range between about 25 million and 53 million fish, according to a preliminary forecast released Friday by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

A 50-Year Situation: The Market Dynamic Between Fishing Fleets and Processors in Bristol Bay

This year, Bristol Bay’s $0.50-per-pound base price had fleet members questioning the industry’s longevity. The dynamic between fleets and processors has existed for decades, with permit-holding fishing crews delivering their catch before knowing its cost, and processors relying on them to do so.

Council Asks Industry for Recommendations On Bristol Bay Red King Crab

After the first season closure for the Bristol Bay red king crab fishery in decades, the North Pacific Fishery Management Council is seeking more data on how to rebuild the stock and stabilize the fishery.

In One Place, For One Fish, Climate Change May be a Boon

October 7, 2021 Miranda Weiss, The Atlantic

Bristol Bay’s sockeye harvest has long made up about half of the global catch of this species, in a seasonal blitz as short as it is enormous. And this year, Bristol Bay outdid itself, notching the largest sockeye run in the region’s recorded history with an astonishing 66 million returning fish. Even more astonishing, this season capped nearly a decade of extraordinarily high salmon returns in Bristol Bay, where sockeye harvests have reached more than 50 percent above the most recent 20-year average.

Bristol Bay’s Nushagak District is Seeing a Record-Setting Sockeye Salmon Run

July 21, 2021 Associated Press

It has been a record-breaking year for sockeye salmon catches in Alaska’s Bristol Bay Nushagak District this year, an official said.