Danish Creamery Debuts New Contemporary Look for its Premium Butter

January 31, 2023 Danish Creamery

Danish Creamery, a 127-year-old farmer-owned U.S.-based creamery, and its parent company, Challenge Dairy Products Inc, have reinvigorated the packaging of its line of slow-churned, small-batch artisanal butter with a new contemporary aesthetic hitting shelves now. The updated look portrays the premium qualities of Danish Creamery butter in a fun, current and colorful style designed to inspire creativity in the kitchen.

Butter Supplies Tight, But We Don’t Have a ‘Butter Shortage’ Today

While there isn’t a shortage, the U.S. is experiencing tight stocks, prices that remain elevated, slightly lower production than we had last year, and higher exports of butter. Competition for butter is high, too. All these factors together mean prices are likely to remain elevated through the holiday season and supplies will remain tight compared to last year.  

The Butter Board Trend Gets an Upgrade With Better Butter

October 27, 2022 Better Butter Board

Better Butter, a company known for their deliciously crafted butters, takes the butter board trend to new heights with the release of their Better Butter Board ebook. In this book, the company offers a selection of ten butter board recipes that utilize unique Better Butter craft butters like their Cinnamon Brown Sugar Craft Butter and Garlic Herb Craft Butter.

Local Artisan Answers The Butter Board Call

October 24, 2022 Buon-Riche Foods

Buon-Riche Foods, maker of the popular Bijoux Crème brand of flavored butters, announced its commitment to rise to the Butter Board occasion. Butter boards—made popular only recently on social media platforms Tik Tok and Instagram—are the contender looking to unseat the long-lived charcuterie board. In short, a butter board involves schmearing a wooden serving board with butter, sprinkling that base layer with berries, nuts, herb, and spices, and serving the resulting work-of-art with bread, crackers, and the like for dipping.

Taste Europe Butter of France Uncovers Why American Chefs Rely on European Butter

September 2, 2022 Taste Europe Butter of France

Julia Child famously said, “With enough butter, anything is good.” And given that she learned to cook in France, we know that she was talking about French butter.