Vital Farms Raises the Golden Standard for Butter; Now 90% Grass-Fed Through New Dairy Supplier

April 22, 2024 Vital Farms

The company has refreshed its entire portfolio of butter products, which are now 90% grass-fed, produced by cows that are pasture-raised on family farms, and packaged in new, playful cartons. With these key updates, Vital Farms aims to propel its butter business forward and deliver delicious golden butter to consumers.

Lewis Road Creamery is Giving You Ten Reasons to LOVE Butter Again

January 31, 2024 Lewis Road Creamery

To all the animal lovers and butter fanatics, here’s a butter that will make your heart sing and your tastebuds flip.  In the world of dairy, Lewis Road Creamery’s 10 Star Butter stands out as a true champion.  Recently honored with the prestigious Specialty Food Association (SFA) Award, this exceptional butter has captured the attention of food lovers and sustainability enthusiasts alike.

Taste Europe | Butter of France Partners With Cozymeal for a New Series Focusing on Mother Sauces

Taste Europe | Butter of France announced a partnership with Cozymeal, a leading online platform connecting consumers where they reside with world-class chefs, mixologists, food tour guides and more to teach culinary enthusiasts the backbone of French cuisine – the five mother sauces.

Kerrygold Introduces New Butter Blends Innovation

June 23, 2023 Kerrygold USA

Kerrygold, an international brand of Ornua, introduces new Kerrygold Butter Blends, a savory range of flavored butters for tasty snacking or the perfect finish to any dish. Rolling onto store shelves across the U.S. now with national distribution expected by September, Kerrygold’s new Butter Blends innovation is the natural next step for the No. 1 imported butter brand in the U.S. Famous for quality of taste and flavor, Kerrygold’s Butter Blends have already earned the prestigious 2023 PEOPLE Food Award.

7th-Generation Family Farmers Find a Niche for Their High-Quality Guernseys: Butter

Growing up the seventh generation in a farm family, sisters Jennifer and Julie Orchard always valued the hard work and community that Wisconsin’s dairy farmers provide. Their grandfather always had Guernsey cows, just as they do today.  The sisters established Royal Guernsey Creamery, highlighting milk from their own cows to make European style cultured butter.