Truly Grass Fed Celebrates Remarkable Growth and Expanded Distribution

Sustainably Produced Dairy and Oat Products Now Available in New Retail Locations Throughout the Unites States

CHICAGO — Truly Grass Fed, a premium brand of sustainably-produced dairy products from the green fields of Ireland, proudly announces significant distribution expansions with several major retailers across the United States. This expansion underscores the brand’s dedication to providing high-quality, grass-fed dairy products and 100% premium Irish oats to broad audiences across the country.

Over the last 12 months, Truly Grass Fed has expanded its retail footprint with new products and additional SKUs now available in the following stores:

  • Sprouts Farmers Market: Following more limited distribution, Sprouts will now be offering Truly Grass Fed’s Natural Aged and Natural Sharp Cheddar Hand Cut Slices year-round in stores nationwide, responding to consumer demand and becoming the first national distributor of these premium items.
  • Natural Grocers: Natural Grocers is adding Truly Grass Fed’s selection of 95% grass-fed butter sticks to shelves across the country joining its already popular butter block products. Shoppers in stores nationwide will also be able to stock up on the brand’s Gluten Free Original Oat Milk and Extra Creamy Oat Milk delivering the brand’s signature rich, creamy taste and high nutritional value to more consumers than ever before.
  • New Seasons Market: On the West Coast, New Seasons Market has also introduced Truly Grass Fed’s array of butter blocks to select locations across California, meeting the demands of consumers who prioritize quality and products crafted to the highest levels of care.
  • MOM’s Organic Market: Truly Grass Fed’s new Maker’s Blend cheese will be available at MOM’s Organic Market locations at the start of summer, offering consumers a unique blend that exemplifies the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and taste.

“Our expansion into these major retailers is a testament to the growing demand for natural, ethically sourced dairy and oat products,” said Jaclyn Crabbe, Marketing Director for Truly Grass Fed. ” We’re excited to see shoppers’ increased interest in our brand and we look forward to bringing the taste of Ireland’s green fields to even more households across the country.”

Truly Grass Fed’s expansion at these major retailers adds to the brand’s continued growth which has been significant in recent months:

  • In the Natural Channel, Truly Grass Fed Spreadable Butter 8oz. has been the fastest growing butter in units and dollars in the last year.
  • In the multi-outlet market, Truly Grass Fed Butter has increased distribution by nearly 20% over the last year. During the same timeframe, sales of their butter offerings have increased in units by over 33% and dollars by 39% compared to the overall butter category which has grown by 2.5% in units and 1.1% in dollars.

As a 100% farmer-owned cooperative, the brand ensures that its products come from cows that are 95% grass-fed and spend 250 days on pasture annually. In addition to Truly Grass Fed dairy suppliers being held to a greener world Animal Welfare Approved standard, the brand has maintained zero waste to landfill and reduced food waste by 22% since 2020, tracking toward 50% by 2030. These stringent standards exceed industry expectations, providing consumers with dairy products imported from Ireland that are both delicious and responsibly produced.

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About Truly Grass Fed
Truly Grass Fed is a premium brand of Irish dairy products crafted with integrity and care for people, animals, and the planet. The brand’s distinctively creamy and delicious butter and cheese are made from cows that are 95% grass-fed, Non-GMO Project Verified, Animal Welfare Approved by A Greener World and free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Truly Grass Fed is elevating dairy to a new standard. The brand is strongly rooted in the art of farming but deeply dedicated to sustainability, transparency and progress with wholesome dairy from cows living their best lives outside, on pasture on average 250 days a year, grazing on green Irish grass. The Truly Grass Fed seal signifies that the dairy ingredients inside meet the highest industry standards of quality, safety, animal welfare and environmental consciousness.