Coach Prime and California Almonds Declare Monday After the Big Game ‘National Recover Day’

February 8, 2024 California Almonds

If there’s an issue we can all get behind, it’s that we need a day to recover after the Big Game. But if you think that means lounging around in your bathrobe and playing hooky, think again. Coach Prime knows a thing or two about exercise recovery. To kick off the offseason, Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders is heading to Las Vegas, home of this year’s Big Game, to declare the day after a national holiday – National Recover Day – in collaboration with California Almonds to help the nation own their prime, always.

California Almonds Teams Up with Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Love and Thunder”

In tandem with the excitement surrounding one of the biggest movie franchises in the world, California Almonds has launched a new marketing campaign to celebrate the release of Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder, only in theaters July 8.