California Pears Set for a Season of High Demand

California pear farmers are on track to begin harvest in early July as the season kicks off in the River growing district. Most growers are planning to begin harvest of light volume on July 7 with volume increasing the week of July 11th.

California Pear Growers Committed to Growing Flavorful Pears that Ripen Naturally

As the California pear industry gears up for the coming harvest set to begin in early July, farmers are focusing on one thing – giving consumers a good eating experience.

California Pear Growers Say No to Anti-Ripening Treatments

California pear farmers have united as an industry with a pledge to never use post-harvest treatments like 1-MCP that impede ripening and create a disappointing experience for consumers.

California Pear Farmers Set to Begin Harvest in Early July

As the nation’s food industry is working hard to keep food on our tables, California pear farmers are preparing to harvest a crop of fresh pears in early July.

Heirloom Pears Now Harvesting in California

September 6, 2019 California Pear Advisory Board

Summer is quickly coming to an end, but a multitude of pear varieties are still harvesting in the Mountain District areas of California and available for shipment.