Consolidated Catfish Producers Names Vice President of Sales and Marketing

February 1, 2021 Mississippi Business Journal

Consolidated Catfish Producers has announced that Joe Forrester has been promoted to Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

USDA and HeroX Launch Challenge to Protect the Natural Flavor of Catfish

August 20, 2020 HeroX

HeroX, the social network for innovation and the world’s leading platform for crowdsourced solutions, today launched the crowdsourcing competition “Protecting the Natural Flavor of Catfish” that calls on the global community of solvers to offer cost-effective and innovative methods that prevent blue-green pond algae from delaying catfish harvesting.

Superior Catfish Expanding In Macon, Creating 25 Jobs

Catfish processing company Superior Catfish is expanding its operations in Macon. The project is a $ 17-million corporate investment and will create 25 jobs.

Batter Up: Catfish Fillets for Baking

Ready-to-fry breaded catfish fillets make a quick and tasty meal, but interest is growing in healthier alternatives like breaded or battered catfish products that can be baked.

H & T Seafood, Inc. Recalls Siluriformes Products Produced without Import Inspection

January 21, 2019 USDA FSIS

H & T Seafood, Inc., the Importer of Record, a Bell, Calif. firm, is recalling approximately 71,435 pounds of imported Siluriformes fish products because the products were not presented for import re-inspection upon entry into the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced.