Change From Within: The Efforts of Eco-Conscious Cheesemakers

April 20, 2022 RICH MANNING, VinePair

Discussions of cheese’s impact on the environment tend to skip big-picture discussions concerning the industry and go straight to individual choice. This is particularly the case online, as the internet teems with articles and blog posts urging people to chop cheese from their lives for the good of the planet. While these urgencies have noble intentions, the solutions they produce are ones that only work on a small, individual scale. 

Relationships Helped Cheesemakers Through Pandemic

During the American Cheese Society’s virtual conference, Thursday, Emily Harbison, technical specialist with Dairy Connection, and Dave Potter, vice president of Dairy Connection, shared their perspective on how COVID-19 impacted the specialty cheese industry. Dairy Connection, Inc. is an ingredient supplier to specialty, farmstead, and small-to-midsize cheese and fermented-milk manufacturers nationwide.

Wisconsin is Giving Away 180 Cheese Prizes to Celebrate their 180th Cheesemaking Anniversary

To celebrate their 180th anniversary of cheesemaking, the dairy farmers and artisan cheesemakers from across Wisconsin have donated their most sought-after creations. One grand prize winner will have the opportunity to custom design their own Grand Towering Cheese Wheel Cake, to be comprised of their preferred selection of enviable Wisconsin Cheeses.

Alberta’s Lakeside Farmstead Garners Plenty of Buzz With Unique Cheeses

February 26, 2021 Twyla Campbell, Eat North

Ian Treuer’s daily commute is a short one; a mere 100 steps separate his residence and jobsite at Lakeside Farmstead, a dairy, beef and potato operation owned by Jeff and Coralee Nonay 30 minutes north of Edmonton.

Cheese Might Save the Small Dairy

Jason Schmidt, like many small dairy farmers nationwide, has seen costs increase and profits decrease. While the number of dairy farms is declining, the average size of the farm is growing — dairy farms are getting larger. Seeing this trend continue has caused Schmidt, of Grazing Plains Farm in Newton, to look for other avenues to sell his milk.