Copefrut & Verfrut Join Forces In China

October 26, 2022 Copefrut

With two operations centers and cold storage facilities, one in Guangzhou and the other in Shanghai, Copefrut has successfully worked China’s commercial platform since 2018 – facilitating logistics, imports and the delivery of quality services at destination. The company has almost 70 years in the market producing and exporting traditional and organic fresh fruit, and is one of the five largest fruit companies from Chile. 

Terra Nova Nurseries’ Varieties Featured in Large Beijing Plant Displays

Terra Nova Nurseries, a world leader in plant breeding, today announced its inclusion and participation in eight public plant displays throughout the Chinese capital of Beijing. Thirty Terra Nova varieties were planted in thematic displays on Beijing’s Chang-an Road to commemorate a national holiday. The displays were first unveiled and opened to the public June 28, 2021, and they remained open until the end of August 2021.

USHBC and Pagoda Celebrate the Arrival of USA Fresh Blueberries in China

After years of hard work and bilateral negotiation, consumers in China can finally enjoy fresh blueberries from the United States—the birthplace of modern blueberry cultivation.

New York Produce Show Discussions: Pundit Interviews Branding Expert Lisa Cork: Three Macro Trends to Feel Positive About

Lisa is unique. She is an American, yet has spent decades living in New Zealand and engaging with the Pacific Rim and with Asia. She built her fame in packaging, but has come to go so far beyond that base.

Could China’s Strategic Pork Reserve be a Model For the US?

Ideas and solutions regarding the vulnerabilities of meat production have ranged from eliminating meat consumption to decentralizing meat production away from large packing plants to increasing automation of processing facilities. Another solution may be to create a strategic meat reserve.