Inside Chobani’s Massive, Sustainable New Innovation Center

August 20, 2019 BEN PAYNTER, Fast Company

Yogurt giant Chobani has made it a practice to hire refugees to work at its manufacturing plants. As anti-immigrant rhetoric has soared, Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya reportedly received death threats for the practice (both of the company’s plants are in conservative areas), despite creating new jobs with solid benefits in communities that could use them.

World’s Biggest Yogurt Plant Expands

The company announces Monday the opening of a new 71,000-square-foot Innovation and Community Center in Twin Falls. The project broke ground in late 2017.

Chobani CEO: America is Failing its Dairy Farmers

“As the founder of a yogurt company that takes in a billion pounds of milk each year, we depend on more than 1,000 dairy farms across America, and wolves are the least of their problems. Thanks to record-low milk prices, dropping dairy consumption rates, industry consolidation, global competition and unfair and untrue consumer fears that dairy causes everything from cancer to diabetes, America’s dairy farmers are facing their worst crisis since at least the Great Depression.”

Chobani Unveils Comprehensive Program to Support the Future of Dairy

July 2, 2019 Chobani

Chobani, LLC, maker of America’s #1 Greek Yogurt brand and the second largest overall yogurt manufacturer in the U.S., today is announcing a comprehensive, groundbreaking program to further its commitment to positive transformation of its milkshed—supporting the economic, environmental, and social impacts of its #1 ingredient: fresh milk from local farms. The Milk Matters™ program will encompass Chobani’s commitment to its milkshed as well as efforts to support greater transparency across dairy farms.

Chobani’s Secret Ingredient for Backing New Food Companies

March 29, 2019 BEN PAYNTER, Fast Company

Starting in April, Chobani’s Spring 2019 program will offers three representatives from each of eight companies four weeks of master classes and brand auditing at Chobani’s SoHo office in New York City, along with $25,000 in equity-free funding.