Clamshell Packaging Sales Get Boost from Increased Use in Grocery Store Deli & Prepared Foods Departments

February 4, 2022 Freedonia Group 

Fresh (perishable) prepared foods will continue to be the fastest growing application for clamshell packaging through 2025, finds a new Freedonia Group analysis. While fresh produce will remain the leading application for clamshells, continued above average gains for the packaging format in grocery store deli/foodservice departments will boost growth in the prepared foods segment.

Reducing Plastic: a Priority for Inspired Greens

January 14, 2019 The Star Group

Inspired Greens living lettuce has made it a priority to reduce the use of plastics since its inception. Operating since June 2017, Inspired Greens has reduced its plastic impact by packaging its living lettuce in a sleeve rather than the domed clamshell.