Reducing Plastic: a Priority for Inspired Greens

COALDALE – Inspired Greens living lettuce has made it a priority to reduce the use of plastics since its inception. Operating since June 2017, Inspired Greens has reduced its plastic impact by packaging its living lettuce in a sleeve rather than the domed clamshell. Across North America it has been traditional for greenhouse lettuce to be sold completely encased in a plastic container.

“Retailers across North America are thrilled with our open sleeve concept for living lettuce,” said David Karwacki, Chief Executive Officer of The Star Group of Companies, which built the Inspired Greens greenhouses. “The beautiful presentation brings the produce department alive, and the massive reduction in plastic has been a home run.”

Inspired Greens has produced in excess of 15 million heads since its inception. With the use of recyclable plastic sleeves, they have effectively transformed 2 million pounds of hard dense plastic to under 100,000 pounds of recyclable sleeves. Inspired Greens engages in many practices to be sustainable, including reducing water consumption and food miles.

“This is just one item in the produce department, but everything helps. Inspired Greens has reduced plastic by 20 times” said Karwacki. “All in an effort to have fresh lettuce that has taste, is trusted, and produced in a very sustainable way.”