Walmart Will do Away With Paper and Plastic Bags at Oregon, Washington Stores

March 21, 2023 Amanda Arden, KOIN

Walmart shoppers in both Oregon and Washington can bid shopping bags farewell. The store is doing away with both paper and plastic bags in all stores in both states starting April 18. 

Walmart Will Stop Providing Single-Use Plastic and Paper Bags in NY and Colorado in January

January 3, 2023 Ben Tobin, Insider

If you’re a Walmart shopper in Colorado or New York, you better be ready to bring your own bag to the retailer — or be ready to spend a little extra. 

Yerecic Label Joins U.S. Plastics Pact, Committing to Meet Ambitious Circular Economy Goals by 2025

May 27, 2022 Yerecic Label

Yerecic Label joined the U.S. Plastics Pact, a collaborative, solutions-driven initiative to move towards a circular economy for plastics. The initiative is rooted in four ambitious goals intended to drive significant systems change by unifying diverse cross-sector approaches, setting a national strategy, and creating scalable solutions to create a path forward in the United States by 2025.

From the CEO’s Desk: Produce’s Role in Plastic Prevention

April 25, 2022 Vanguard International

Over-scheduled and fast-moving day to day activities have led to a “grab and go” culture that prioritizes convenience, speed, and efficiency. But at what cost? With climate concerns becoming more front of mind and the list of cities banning single use plastics growing, what does a more sustainable future for produce packaging look like? 

Sustainable Packaging Takes Centre Stage at Westfalia Fruit In France

April 14, 2022 Westfalia Fruit

Westfalia Fruit’s business in France has launched a new range of environmentally and consumer friendly packaging for avocados that dramatically reduces and replaces the use of plastic, eliminating altogether the use of black plastic which is difficult to recycle, whilst successfully maintaining fruit quality.