From the CEO’s Desk: Produce’s Role in Plastic Prevention

We continue our ‘From the CEO Desk’ series of discussions with Craig Stauffer this time with a conversation on packaging.  

Over-scheduled and fast-moving day to day activities have led to a “grab and go” culture that prioritizes convenience, speed, and efficiency. But at what cost? With climate concerns becoming more front of mind and the list of cities banning single use plastics growing, what does a more sustainable future for produce packaging look like? 

Q: What is Vanguard Doing to Address More Sustainable Fresh Produce Packaging? 

Craig: Vanguard is continuously working with our vendor partners to find the best packaging solutions. It will come as no surprise that rethinking how our fruits and vegetables are packaged from to store shelves and ultimately people’s homes are a monumental task. We need to find a solution that fits every level of the supply chain from harvesting, packing, shipping, and merchandising at the store level. It’s not just simply eliminating plastic, packaging vendors are researching truly sustainable elements including a package’s life cycle, material make up, ability to compost or recycle, and shipping offsets such as lighter gauges of cardboard.

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