WaxWrap – The Latest Powerful Weapon in the War on Plastic

A new eco-friendly, convenient and innovative alternative to plastic wrap is about to disrupt the current marketplace for sustainable food storage system solutions. 

WaxWrap is launching with a diverse portfolio of products and is the first brand to introduce a wax wrap in a roll format to the UK market*. Already successfully launched in the US two years ago where WaxWrap enjoys a partnership with Trader Joe’s stores, the brand has the unrivalled ability to manufacture on a large scale. The unprecedented huge production capabilities mean that WaxWrap is ideally placed to support the likely demand from supermarkets looking to improve their sustainability credentials and demonstrate a commitment to reducing plastic consumption.  

Made from 100% natural materials (organic cotton cloth coated in a mixture of, beeswax, natural pine resin and organic jojoba oil) the latest player to hit the market has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its compliance with a number of technical standards. These include Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances) and ECOCERT COSMOS ORGANIC (worldwide benchmark in organic certification) to deliver a product that is backed by organic certification and is proven to contain no toxic textile ink.

Produced in Tunisia, WaxWrap is available in a wide choice of formats to suit every food storage requirement, both in a domestic and commercial environment. Unlike other waxed wrap products, the bag and unique roll presentation provides a convenient solution in line with disposable cling film but in contrast, offers a reusable and environmentally responsible alternative. The easy to use, waterproof malleable cloth is washable and when used correctly should enjoy a one-year working life after which it is completely compostable, which is key to the brand’s mission to encourage consumers to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

The launch comes at a time when plastic reduction is featuring high on the retailer agenda with the top multiples all committing to a reduction in plastic.

Commenting on the launch, Sales & Key Account Manager Andy Smok  said, “The launch of WaxWrap marks an important milestone in the fight against plastic pollution. Our ability to manufacture on a large scale, servicing the business as well as the domestic user and enhancing their green credentials by enabling them to make a valid contribution towards the elimination of plastic, means we have the potential to make a dramatic difference. According to research[1] the US and the UK produce more plastic waste per person than any other major countries and a Checking out On Plastics Report claims that supermarkets are not doing enough to reduce their plastic footprint. There is a strong appetite for change and consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how their use of plastic has an impact on the planet for future generations. By creating a product that is convenient, fit-for-purpose, versatile, totally reusable and biodegradable, we believe that WaxWraps can play an active part in helping to improve the UK’s unacceptable track record in excessive plastic usage.” 

The portfolio comprises:

Waxed Cotton Food Roll in three sizes: 20x120cm; 30x150cm; 40x200cm

Waxed Cotton Food Bags in a set of three: Small 21x31cm; Medium 25x31cm; Large 32x31cm

Waxed Cotton Food Wraps in a set of three: Small 20x20cm; Medium 30x30cm; Large 40x40cm

WaxWrap will be backed by a comprehensive marketing campaign which will focus on the trade, consumers and key stakeholder organisations.  The brand has already partnered with Planet Organic and Whole Foods Market and is working with Delishops – the recently launched online trade community designed to connect speciality food producers with influential buyers. In addition, WaxWrap is reviewing a number of further routes to market.

*WaxWrap in a roll format was first trialled at Whole Foods Market, London, in September 2020

[1] Law et Al, Science Advances 2020