A Vegan Cheese Beat Dairy in a Big Competition. Then the Plot Curdled.

The Good Food Foundation that oversees the awards at first offered a compromise solution: If, in fact, the Climax cheese was a winner, it announced, the foundation would name a co-winner. Then the foundation would reevaluate for next year, perhaps creating a new category or moving them into the broader snacks cohort.

Bel and Climax Foods, Inc. Announce Partnership to Innovate Cutting-edge Plant-Based Cheeses Indistinguishable from Dairy Cheeses, Powered by AI

April 18, 2023 Climax Foods Inc.

The time has come for zero-compromise recipes made from plants. The Bel Group, world leader in branded cheese and a major global food player, and biotech start-up, Climax Foods Inc., today announced a unique partnership designed to create a new generation of plant-based cheese aiming to meet the main challenges of the food transition: combining pleasure, nutrition and reducing the carbon footprint.