EU Announces Cuts in Baltic Catches of Herring, Cod

October 13, 2021 Associated Press

The European Union imposed cuts in catches of cod and herring in the Baltic Sea on Tuesday, to make sure both threatened stock and the region’s fishing fleet have a chance of survival.

Faroese Fisheries for Cod and Haddock have Achieved Certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard

September 13, 2021 Marine Stewardship Council

The FISF Faroe Islands cod, haddock, tusk and ling fishery has achieved certification for cod and haddock to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) globally recognised standard for sustainable fishing today. The new certification for cod and haddock is an extension of the current MSC certification for ling and tusk in Faroese waters.  

Norwegian Offshore North East Arctic Cod Achieves Recertification

August 25, 2021 Marine Stewardship Council

Norwegian Offshore North East Artic Cod will be recertified from 15th August 2021 while Inshore North East Artic cod will no longer be MSC certified, the Marine Stewardship Council confirmed. 

Norcod and Havlandet Marin Yngel Start Construction of New Cod Fry Facility

August 20, 2021 Norcod

Cod-farming venture Norcod and fry producer Havlandet Marin Yngel have joined forces in 50-50 joint venture Havlandet Norcod AS to build the new Florø facility, which has a government concession to produce 24 million fry per year and will be ready to receive its first fry in autumn 2022. Work began at the site today with the minister flying in from Oslo to mark the occasion.

Norcod Finalizes Transfer of 2.4M Fish Into Sea Phase

July 29, 2021 Norcod AS

Norwegian cod-farming venture ticks another box after completing the transfer of its next batch of cod juveniles into the sea.