Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions Board Appoints Meaghan Hudgins, Senior Director of Operations and Development, as New Executive Director

As Executive Director, Meaghan Hudgins will lead the collective charge to identify and capitalize on the organization’s key strategic and organizational opportunities. Using a people-first approach, she will leverage her expertise and tenure to facilitate collaborations and support the incubation of ideas and strategies across organizations. 

Seafood Alliance Urges Businesses to Accelerate Human Rights and Environmental Safeguards Across Supply Chains

In the wake of new investigations uncovering forced labor in the seafood sector in India, China, and North Korea, a leading industry group is urging supermarkets, restaurants, and other businesses to accelerate efforts to eradicate human and labor rights abuses from their supply chains. 

Conservation Alliance 2.0: the Now 80-strong Sustainable Seafood Coalition Now Poised for Even Greater Impact

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions (the Alliance) is a collective impact initiative that seeks to drive alignment between NGOs, businesses, scientists, seafood experts, and governments around the world that are working to improve the sustainability and responsibility of seafood supply chains. This month, the Alliance is celebrating big changes to both its membership and leadership bodies.

Conservation Alliance Welcomes Executive Director to Lead on New Strategy

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, a global community of sustainable seafood groups, is thrilled to welcome Mariah Boyle to the team as its new Executive Director. Boyle will be bringing with her not only an impressive track record in fundraising, team building, and program design and implementation, but also ten years of partnering and problem-solving in the Alliance community itself.