Goat Cheese vs. Cow Cheese: The Nuances Retailers Need to Know   

This lack of understanding presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to serve as trusted advisors. By proactively addressing common questions consumers have about goat cheese—such as its nutritional value compared to similar looking cow cheeses—retailers can help bridge the knowledge gap, empower consumers to make informed decisions, and guide them in selecting the right product for their dietary preferences.

Dorothy’s Diggin’ Truffles Receives Prestigious sofi Award for New Cow’s Milk Product of the Year

May 5, 2021 Savencia Cheese USA

Dorothy’s Cheese proudly announces that its Diggin’ Truffles cheese has been named the New Product of the Year (Cow’s Milk Cheeses) by the sofi™ Awards from the Specialty Food Association. The coveted award honors the newest, best, and most innovative specialty food products on the market.