Dorothy’s Diggin’ Truffles Receives Prestigious sofi Award for New Cow’s Milk Product of the Year

New Holland, PA—Dorothy’s Cheese proudly announces that its Diggin’ Truffles cheese has been named the New Product of the Year (Cow’s Milk Cheeses) by the sofi™ Awards from the Specialty Food Association. The coveted award honors the newest, best, and most innovative specialty food products on the market. 

Introduced in 2020, Diggin’ Truffles is a soft-ripened cheese with panache,  it marries earthy black truffle flavor with a smooth, luscious texture for a rich culinary experience that’s distinctively Dorothy’s. Like all Dorothy’s cheeses, Diggin’ Truffles is crafted in Lena, Illinois. 

“This award reflects how we continually raise the bar with our craftsmanship,” said Sebastien Lehembre, Senior Marketing Manager at Savencia Cheese USA. “Three years ago, Dorothy’s Comeback Cow received the same sofi™ Award. It’s a testament to the way our brand continues to grow and evolve, while staying true to our quality and heritage.” 

Dorothy’s has an ongoing commitment to innovation and quality in fine cheeses. Diggin’ Truffles is an expertly-crafted, perfectly balanced, and now award-winning cheese that reflects this commitment. 

A bit of history:  As a 1930s farm girl, Dorothy Renter fell in love with the cows at her grandfather’s Illinois creamery. She took that love to Iowa State, where she became the first woman to earn a degree in dairy science. Dorothy met and married a fellow cheese-lover, and together, they forged cheesy love and lovely cheese (and a few kids, too). 

Decades later, their love story lives on in these delicate, floral-shaped soft cheeses. Experience the passion of our cheesemaker who trained under Dorothy. Taste it in every savory bite. Feel the weighty heritage of these cheeses, for eye-popping flavor and creamy textures you’ll return to, again and again. 

To pay tribute to Dorothy’s memory,  Savencia Cheese USA has established the Dorothy Demeter Savencia Cheese USA Undergraduate Scholarship, honoring the first woman to receive a dairy science degree from Iowa State University—and highlighting the potential of women to shine in the dairy industry.  For more information on this, please visit Iowa State website.

Dorothy’s cheeses are available at select supermarkets, specialty stores, and online at the Cheese Lover Shop. To learn more, visit:


About Savencia Cheese USASavencia Cheese USA is a family-owned subsidiary of Savencia Fromage & Dairy—the world’s leading company in producing specialty cheeses. Savencia Cheese USA specializes in crafting high-end cheeses in the USA under the Dorothy’s, Smithfield, and Alouette brands. Additionally, Savencia Cheese USA imports fine cheeses from around the world with its Haute Fromagerie initiative: featuring cheeses such as 2018 World Champion Esquirrou, St Andre, St Agur, and Etorki.  For more information, please visit: