D’Arrigo California Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month With a 21 Year Partnership of ‘Growing’ For Prevention

October 2, 2020 D’Arrigo California

To raise awareness a pink ribbon adorns the packaging and cartons of D’Arrigo California products under the Andy Boy® label that you find in grocery stores and restaurants domestically and internationally. It is D’Arrigo California’s goal to ‘grow’ prevention through education, and find a cure for breast cancer during our lifetime.

D’Arrigo California Launches Andy Boy Romaine’s My Love Campaign

July 27, 2020 D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California, a premier grower, packer and shipper of the Andy Boy label has launched a Romaine’s My Love campaign that includes an array of romaine recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to make.

Electronic Shipping Kiosk at D’Arrigo California

June 18, 2020 D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California has implemented shipping kiosks at their shipping facility in Salinas, CA. This innovative tool, which contains a proprietary software program, was developed to improve efficiencies of the shipping process.

Need an Immunity BOOST? Bring on the Broccoli Rabe!

May 29, 2020 D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California is launching a BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY health campaign, stated Claudia Pizarro-Villalobos, Director of Marketing, “to keep well-balanced and healthy we need to consume fresh fruits and vegetables as they are packed with immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Now more than ever, having an optimally functioning immune system is critical to one’s health and wellness.”

D’Arrigo California Donates Produce and Personal Protective Equipment

April 10, 2020 D’Arrigo California

D’Arrigo California donated 250,265 lbs.of Andy Boy produce to children, families and elderly challenged by food scarcity due to COVID-19.